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A human being’s normal diet

“A human being’s normal diet should contain the three main constituents of food, protein, fat and carbo-hydrates in the proportion of 1-1-2 1/2 respectively whatever the actual weights. I.e. the carbohydrates (farinaceous foods and sugar) should be more than double … Continue reading

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Bitter sobs and lamentations

“Sounds of bitter sobs and lamentations are heard this evening from No. 5 tent at the loss of their dearly beloved ‘Colonel’ [Orde-Lees] who has removed himself for a season to sleep in his store in the old wheelhouse. He … Continue reading

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My birthday

“Polar explorer ERNEST SHACKLETON (1874-1922) is today’s go-to fearless leader, although he didn’t discover the South Pole or cross the Antarctic continent. What he did do made such feats pale in comparison. In 1914, his ship, The Endurance, was crushed … Continue reading

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Day by day

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All this becomes your Mode of Life

“The first night of your first campaign (though you be but a mere peaceful campaigner) is a glorious time in your life. It is so sweet to find one’s self free from the stale civilisation of Europe! Oh my dear … Continue reading

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Unintentional partiality, entirely obviated

“All is eaten that comes to each tent, and everything is most carefully and accurately divided into as many equal portions as there are men in the tent. One member then closes his eyes or turns his head away and … Continue reading

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