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Explorer Chores

James Wordie, Alfred Cheetam, Alexander Macklin

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Types of Ice

Condensed from Sea-Ice Nomenclature, by J. M. Wordie. Slush or Sludge. Pancake Ice. (Ruffled, turned-up edges.) Young Ice. (Black ice. Ice flowers. Young ice.) Land floes. Floe. (Light floes, and heavy floes. Heavy floes covered with deep snow in the … Continue reading

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Fairy Ice

It was now light twenty-four hours a day; the sun disappeared only briefly near midnight, leaving prolonged, magnificent twilight. Often during this period, the phenomenon of an “ice shower”, caused by the moisture in the air freezing and settling to … Continue reading

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It’s a Long Way to Tipperary

[It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, sung by Tom Yorke, 1914; as played on a 78]

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Hussey and the Adelies

During the afternoon three adelie penguins approached the ship across the floe while Hussey was discoursing sweet music on the banjo. The solemn-looking little birds appeared to appreciate It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, but they fled in horror when … Continue reading

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Clark Clark Clark

Adelies on Paulet Island by Allan Hansen, 2009 The quaint little penguins found the ship a cause of much apparent excitement and provided a lot of amusement aboard. One of the standing jokes was that all the adelies on the … Continue reading

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Evil Conditions

I had been prepared for evil conditions in the Weddell Sea, but had hoped that in December and January, at any rate, the pack would be loose, even if no open water was to be found. What we were actually … Continue reading

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Ramming, a How-To Guide

When the way was barred by a floe of moderate thickness we would drive the ship at half speed against it, stopping the engines just before the impact. At the first blow the Endurance would cut a V-shaped nick in … Continue reading

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He perambulates alone aloft

“Hurley was a marvel — with cheerful Australian profanity he perambulates alone aloft & everywhere, in the most dangerous & slippery places he can find, content & happy at all times but cursing so if he can a good or … Continue reading

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