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A glow of crimson and gold

[George Marston, illustration of the Antarctic midnight sun from our last expedition, the Nimrod, 1907-09] An examination of the horizon disclosed considerable breaks in the vast circle of pack-ice, interspersed with bergs of different sizes. Leads could be traced in … Continue reading

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Pincer Movement

We would proceed overland towards the Pole from Vahsel Bay in the Weddell Sea, where the Endurance would remain at anchor. Meanwhile, the Aurora would approach from the Ross Sea, establish Hut Point, and lay supply depots at intervals from … Continue reading

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[Antarctic Radiolaria from the Southeast Pacific Basin, Deep Sea Drilling Project, Leg 35; F. M. Weaver. 1976]

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No doubt the explorers of 2015…

“I do so wish sometimes, that I could just pop home for an hour or two as easily in the flesh as in the spirit. No doubt the explorers of 2015, if there is anything left to explore, will not … Continue reading

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Discoursed quite painlessly

Lees had decorated the wardroom with flags and had a little Christmas present for each of us. Some of us had presents from home to open. Later there was a really splendid dinner, consisting of turtle soup, whitebait, jugged hare, … Continue reading

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Whiskey Cache

[Nimrod Expedition Whiskey; re-creation]

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Christmas Day Forecast, 1914

Heavy floes held the ship up from midnight til 6am on Dec 25, Christmas day. Then they opened a little and we made progress till 11:30am, when the leads closed again. …The ice held us up till the evening, and … Continue reading

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Xmas Letter [Not Sent]

“Had my usual evening walk & smoke, as I am better of the piles but I have been thinking of my loved ones all day I hope there is nothing wrong & that You will enjoy Yourselves tomorrow X Mass.” … Continue reading

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A Tale of the Sea

A Tale of the Sea I slept and dreamt of the ocean: Of tarry sailors joys: Of the tales which they loved to fashion Of days when they were boys: And I laughed aloud in my sleep: β€œIn those days … Continue reading

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