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Very like a rookery

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She’s going, boys!

The end of the Endurance: “This evening, as we were lying in our tents we heard the Boss call out, ‘She’s going, boys!’” “She went down bows first, her stern raised in the air. She then gave one quick dive … Continue reading

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We found no seals

“We found no seals. So for diversion we got on a small piece of ice, and shoved out into the lead, paddling ourselves along with ski sticks. We were just like a couple of schoolboys doing a stupid thing just … Continue reading

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Our daily routine

Morning: 6:30 a.m. Light the stove. 7:00 a.m. Emerge from tents. 7:45 a.m. “Lash up and stow!” Breakfast. Rolled-up sleeping bags are used as chairs, while the tent Peggies bring round each tent’s ration of hoosh. Then chores, cooking, hunting, … Continue reading

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Waking on a fine morning

“Waking on a fine morning I feel a great longing for the smell of dewy wet grass and flowers of a Spring morning in New Zealand or England. One has very few other longings for civilization — good bread and … Continue reading

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The Encyclopedia Britannica

“For descriptions of every American town that ever has been, is, or ever will be, and for full and complete biographies of every statesman since the time of George Washington and long before, the Encyclopedia would be hard to beat.” … Continue reading

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“Science from an Easy Chair”

“In order to know very minutely the differences and resemblances between all the kinds or species of one group of living things Darwin studied for eight years the “cirrhipedes,” the name give to the sea-acorns and ships’ barnacles which occur … Continue reading

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