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Sea anchor

“A sea-anchor is a cone-shaped canvas bag attached by a line at its mouth to the bows. The apex, which has a small hole, points away from the ship, and the effect is to act as a drag in the … Continue reading

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We came to know every one of the stones by sight and touch

“The boulders that we had taken aboard for ballast had to be shifted continually in order to trim the boat and give access to the pump, which became choked with hairs from the moulting sleeping bags and finneskoe. The four … Continue reading

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If a boat is overweighted, she jerks

“If a boat is overweighted, she jerks, will not sail fast & does not heel away from the wind & so constantly takes seas over her & is at all times wet… If ballast is too low it makes vessels … Continue reading

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Merry jest of guesswork

“Navigation is an art, but words fail to give my efforts a correct name. Dead reckoning or DR—the seaman’s calculation of courses and distance—had become a merry jest of guesswork… The procedure was: I peered out from our burrow—precious sextant … Continue reading

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Antarctic cruise ship slammed by giant waves

Imagine this in a rowboat: Clelia II Antarctic cruise ship slammed by giant waves: link

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Risking his life needlessly

“It is very good of him to go off like this for our benefit, but as we could quite well exist here through the winter, provided we lay in an adequate store of penguins, and made for Deception Island next … Continue reading

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How we shall count the days

“Six proven veterans, seasoned by the salt & experience of the Sea. The distance to… South Georgia is 700 miles, 700 miles of wintry sea, the most tempestuous zone of the oceans. The Caird is an excellent sailer, & guided … Continue reading

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