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“Sir Ernest likes to keep all hands employed as far as possible, so today he decided to unpack my motor-crawler—sledge tractor—which has been in a huge packing case all this time on the fore-deck. It was like meeting an old … Continue reading

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Fresh meats are of the greatest value as antiscorbutics

“We are still stuck solid. “This has happened to previous explorers in this region—the Weddell Sea—to both Bruce and Filchner. The former just managed to escape quite late in the season, but he was much further north—off Coats Land. Filchner … Continue reading

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“We nearly all find something to occupy ourselves with; some sleep in the afternoon, others play cards and Hussey and Rickinson (the chief engineer) the banjo and fiddle respectively and, fortunately, in concert. Poker patience is the most popular game, … Continue reading

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A position of considerable disadvantage

“One cannot fail to perceive that we are in a position of considerable disadvantage, though of very little peril unless the whole field of ice in which we seem to form the centre should subsequently be subjected to considerable pressure; … Continue reading

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“Midnight. This evening we have been favored with sunlight. “I climbed up into the barrel lookout from where a magnificent panorama was to be observed. From horizon to horizon, and stretching north, south, east, and west, the pack ice extends, … Continue reading

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The Endurance

“Frank Hurley considered his color photos ‘amongst the most valuable records of the expedition.’ He was an early user of a method of color photography called the Paget process, which was introduced commercially little more than a year before the … Continue reading

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Land in sight

“Land was in sight to the east and south about sixteen miles distant on the 22nd. The land-ice seemed to be faced with ice-cliffs at most points, but here and there slopes ran down to sea-level. Large crevassed areas in … Continue reading

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“Morrell’s Land”

“New South Greenland, sometimes known as Morrell’s Land, was an appearance of land recorded by the American captain Benjamin Morrell of the schooner Wasp in March 1823, during a sealing and exploration voyage in the Weddell Sea area of Antarctica. … Continue reading

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“A wretched day. Blowing a blizzard—wind and snow. Unable to move. We are very much stuck in the pack. There is ice all round us, even under the stern, and no open water alongside the ship at all, as there … Continue reading

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Closed around the ship like pudding

“Almost immediately they realized that this was a different sort of ice from anything encountered before. The floes were thick but very soft, and consisted mostly of snow. They floated in a soupy sea of mushy brash ice composed of … Continue reading

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