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I am not very susceptible to emotion, but…

“I am not very susceptible to emotion, but this happy reunion with our comrades, whom we had almost given up as lost and our unhappy release, with the lonely peaks like mute sentinels witnessing our departure has left an indelible … Continue reading

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We are like men awakened from a long sleep

“Soon we were tumbling into the boat, and the Chilean sailors, laughing up at us, seemed as pleased at our rescue as we were. Twice more the boat returned, and within an hour of our first having sighted the boat … Continue reading

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Years literally seemed to drop from him

“He put his glasses back in their case and turned to me, his face showing more emotion than I had ever known it show before. Crean had joined us, and we were all unable to speak… It sounds trite, but … Continue reading

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“At last someone shouted out to Sir Ernest “are you all well…” to which he laughingly replied “Don’t we look all right now that we’ve washed” for evidently our filthy condition had not failed to attract his notice and then … Continue reading

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They might not have seen us

“We had the fear that those on board… might not have seen us. The terrible thought crept into our minds that we would then be left on Elephant Island to die, for by this time we could not have held … Continue reading

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Ship O

“Whilst the party were in [the hut] at lunch Marston & I were without shelling limpets, when I called Marston’s attention to a curious piece of ice on the horizon, which bore a striking resemblance to a ship. Whilst we … Continue reading

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