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They tried to stop us

“We sat…discussing the pros and cons of Shackleton’s chances…and we talked about him the whole evening, till I noticed it was twelve o’clock and we rose at once to go. Lady Shackleton came out into the hall with us while … Continue reading

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Afraid of being taken for a German spy

“On May 31st, a solitary whaler made its way into Port Stanley and dropped anchor. A bearded figure, with curly hair falling to his shoulders, endeavoured to go immediately ashore. He was stopped by the customs officers, but refused to … Continue reading

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Then every man in that room stood up

“That evening a sort of crude reception was held in what Worsley described as a ‘large room, full of captains and mates and sailors, and hazy with tobacco smoke.’ Four white-haired, veteran Norwegian skippers came forward. Their spokesman, speaking in … Continue reading

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The “fourth man”

“When I look back at those days I have no doubt that Providence guided us, not only across those snow fields, but across the storm-white sea that separated Elephant Island from our landing place on South Georgia. I know that … Continue reading

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These are men!

“We had forgathered aboard Captain Thom’s ship on the Monday night with several whaling captains who were bringing up their sons to their own profession. They were “old stagers” with faces lined and seamed by the storms of half a … Continue reading

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Just in time

“McCarthy, McNeish, and Vincent had been landed on the Monday afternoon. They were already showing some signs of increasing strength under a regime of warm quarters and abundant food. The carpenter looked woefully thin after he had emerged from a … Continue reading

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Brotherhood of the sea

“I feel it is my duty as well as my pleasure to thank here the Norwegian whalers of South Georgia for the sympathetic hands they stretched out to us in our need. Among memories of kindness received in many lands … Continue reading

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The Southern Sky

“When we reached Husvik that Sunday morning we were warmly greeted by the magistrate (Mr. Bernsten), whom I knew of old, and the other members of the little community. Moored in the harbour was one of the largest of the … Continue reading

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The Aurora had broken away

“I heard the first rumour of the Aurora’s misadventures in the Ross Sea from Mr. Sørlle. Our host could tell me very little. He had been informed that the Aurora had broken away from winter quarters in McMurdo Sound and … Continue reading

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A world gone mad

“After breakfast Mr. Sørlle took us round to Husvik in a motor-launch. We were listening avidly to his account of the war and of all that had happened while we were out of the world of men. We were like … Continue reading

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