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The Worst Eventuality

“Shackleton was prepared for the worst eventuality of having to stop on the Pack for another winter… On the other hand if by the end of January we have, as is probably, drifted near enough to Graham’s Land, or the … Continue reading

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Ocean Camp

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Total disappearance

“The heavy snow which had fallen in the last few days, combined with the thawing and consequent sinking of the surface, resulted in the total disappearance of a good many of the things left behind at this dump.” — Ernest … Continue reading

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Glass plate negatives

“The ship is in a frightful condition crunched to fragments. She was entirely full of water & is merely held up by the ice pressure which has splintered the bulwarks almost severing the top deck. The port & starboard cabins … Continue reading

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Tumbled confusion

“…tumbled confusion to the west…”

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He had a genius

“I like to think of our leader as I recall him at this time. His hopes & ambitions had all been shattered — yet he was cheerful & went out of his way to impart some of his cheerfulness to … Continue reading

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Further travel is impossible

“Sir Ernest, Wild, Worsley & Self, who comprise a directive Committee, climbed some adjacent hummocks. The prospect was frightfully rough & the surface so soft we sank to our hips — under these conditions with the boats & large party … Continue reading

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That’s a thing of the past

“Do you know, I had no idea how quickly it was possible for a man on ski to get about. In that respect you’d have been quite useful on the trans-continental march; but that’s a thing of the past.” — … Continue reading

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One Mile

“Although we had gained only one mile in a direct line, the necessary deviations made the distance traveled at least two miles, and the relays brought the distance marched up to six miles. Some of the dog teams had covered … Continue reading

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“It seemed almost hopeless to prevent them smashing under their heavy loads when traveling over rough pressure ice which stretched ahead of us for probably 300 miles.” — Ernest Shackleton, South

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