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Born for work & bred for food

“A casual observer, might think the Explorer a frozen hearted individual, especially if he noticed the mouths watering when tears ought to be expected. Hunger brings us all to the level of other species, and our Saying ‘that sledge dogs … Continue reading

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“A stream of water collected and, running under my bag, soaked it completely through, the bottom being absolutely sodden, and mitts, socks and other gear got thoroughly soaked too…Even as I sit and write this the water is drip-drip-dripping from … Continue reading

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“Greenstreet and I amuse ourselves at Marston’s expense. Marston is the plumpest man in the Camp and we become very solicitous about his welfare and condition, making a great show of generosity by offering him old penguin bones that we … Continue reading

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Rusting & wasting our lives away

“‘up & doing’ something however little to aid our escape from this white interminable prison where the minds energies & abilities of all are atrophying & where we are rusting and wasting our lives away, while the whole world is … Continue reading

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He was quite cool

“[Two icebergs suddenly accelerated] and came charging towards us, ploughing through the pack ice as though this had been tissue-paper. Huge floes were lifted and flung aside by the cliff-like fronts of these monsters… For miles behind them there was … Continue reading

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Quite maddening

“It is quite maddening to think that one little rift 20 feet wide or so would lead us out in a couple of days & all the time everything keeps as close as ever making a move of any sort … Continue reading

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Far rather see seals

“It is nice to think there is something else besides snow and ice in the world, but I fail to see any cause for excitement as it puts us no nearer getting out. What I would far rather see would … Continue reading

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They will say Briton is a free Country

“I expect we will have to submit to have about £2 S10 abducted from our wages after being out of the world for 2 years & received no benefits, & then They will say Briton is a free Country This … Continue reading

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Hunger as a condiment

“At home one would disdainfully dismiss from the table the dirty greasy-looking slices which reach our plates, smeared with blubber soot and a liberal sprinkling of penguin feathers and reindeer hairs which frequently garnish all our food, but here it … Continue reading

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Round and round the floe

“Day passes with very little or nothing to relieve the monotony. We take constitutionals round and round the floe but no one can go further as we are to all intents and purposes on an island. There is practically nothing … Continue reading

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