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Dash for the South Pole

Setting out, 1908: The Nimrod Expedition’s Polar Team consisted of Ernest Shackleton, Jameson Adams, Eric Marshall (the expedition doctor) and Frank Wild. [Photo from Public Domain Review]

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Aurora Australis

Packing crates were used for bindings. Photos from the antarctic-circle‘s auction list, and Museum Victoria.

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Rogue’s Gallery

E.E. Joyce and Frank Wild with the printing press, putting together Aurora Australis, the expedition book.

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Mt. Erebus

Mt. Erebus, photo by Carsten Peter for National Geographic

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Many upsets

“Many upsets. Commenced to blow. Depoted sledge, started to tramp it. Fell 100ds of times, bruised all over dead tired lost bearings. Arrived hut 11 a.m. nearly dead… very thankful to be back.” — Eric Marshall

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More bizarre than beautiful

The Ascent of Mount Erebus, photos by Edgeworth David, 1908 “We filed off in a procession more bizarre than beautiful. Some of us with our sleeping bags hanging straight down our backs with the foot of the bag curled upwards … Continue reading

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We were struggling for some time

“We were struggling for some time, mostly on our hands and knees. There was no breath for talking. Occasionally we came to blows, but these were dealt accidentally by a long armed finnesko-shod cramponless sledger, who whirled his arms like … Continue reading

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