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In summary

In summary—for my Transcontinental journey I propose to follow in Filchner’s tracks from the Weddell Sea to the Pole. He failed to make the crossing himself, but he found the southern limit of the Weddell Sea. Between the Filchner ice … Continue reading

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The Map-Plan

Click on the map to enlarge. [Map (from a version published in a 1916 newspaper) shows the intended route in detail.]

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Pincer Movement

We would proceed overland towards the Pole from Vahsel Bay in the Weddell Sea, where the Endurance would remain at anchor. Meanwhile, the Aurora would approach from the Ross Sea, establish Hut Point, and lay supply depots at intervals from … Continue reading

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The Plan

“A copy of the program which [I] prepared in order to arouse the interest of the general public in the Expedition:” “THE TRANSCONTINENTAL PARTY The first crossing of the Antarctic continent from sea to sea via the Pole, apart from … Continue reading

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The Aurora

I purchased the Aurora from Douglas Mawson; she would be our second ship, for the use of the Ross Sea party. The Aurora on Mawson’s Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914. [Photo from]

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The Endurance

I renamed her the Endurance, after my family motto: Fortitudine Vincimus, or “By endurance we conquer.” [Photos from]

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Roll the Old Chariot

“A drop of Nelson’s blood wouldn’t do us any harm…” — David Coffin, 2010 Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival

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Worsley’s Dream

“One night I had an absurd dream. I dreamed that Burlington Street was full of ice blocks and that I was navigating a ship along it. “Next morning I awoke and hurried along to Burlington Street. A sign on a … Continue reading

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Men Wanted

Apocryphal, yet apt.

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No. 4, New Burlington Street

Outside the offices of The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, No. 4, New Burlington Street, London. [via]

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