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Deception Island

“And though they were still hesitant to suggest openly that the Caird could be lost, they could no longer avoid admitting, at least tacitly, that something quite possibly might have happened.” — Alfred Lansing, Endurance “If so, it means a … Continue reading

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Particularly monotonous

“Today seems to be particularly monotonous, and the wild magnificence of the precipitous cliffs that limit us to the circumscribed confines of Cape Wild loom through the mist like prison walls, sinister and inaccessible. If there were only some duties, … Continue reading

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29 July 1916

Page from diary of Thomas Orde-Lees:

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Playing the giddy goat

“[Why Shackleton] was allowed to go playing the giddy goat at the South Pole in the interests of nobody and nothing but himself, why was he allowed to take away useful men whose services might have been utilised in war… … Continue reading

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Letter to Cicely Shackleton

“I am very anxious about our men for they must have so little to eat now…We are very short of water, and have not been able to wash since we left South America…but that is nothing for I had no … Continue reading

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Poll of imaginary dishes, much wished-for

McIlroy has conducted this poll: if you were allowed only one dish right now, but it could be any dish, what would it be? Clark: Devonshire dumpling with cream James: Syrup pudding McIlroy: Marmalade pudding and Devonshire cream Rickenson: Blackberry … Continue reading

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The tobacco finally ran out…

“Little by little, conditions were becoming increasingly primitive. The treasured nut food had been finished, and the powdered milk too. And though these were sorely missed, their lack could hardly be compared with the tragedy when the tobacco finally ran … Continue reading

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