About Me

I am a new media artist who works with fragmented narratives, locative art, and media, both new and old.

My other Twitter narratives include the Twitter ‘film’ In Search of Adele H (2009-2010); the meta-fictional Enoch Soames (2009-2011); the search engine oracle #Scryberspace (2011); and the new-fiction engine @BallardBot (2011-present).

Other media works include the short animation Filmstrip (SXSW 2006); The Audio Tour (2006), a randomized audio walking guide; Web021… (2007), a cellphone-enabled tour of real and fictional cityscapes utilizing 2D barcodes; The Cones Project (2009), a performance/online-maps mashup which used orange traffic cones to reserve personal space; Meet The New Flesh Same As The Old Flesh (2012), a radio piece for the end of broadcast TV; A field in Iceland (2016)a soundscape for Radiophrenia experimental radio; and other sound collages (2012-present).

I have written extensively about art and the virtual life for HiLobrow.com, where I have served as Artist in Residence (2009) and Arts Editor (2010-2013); and have also published articles in Berfrois, Craig Baldwin’s OtherZine, Harvard’s Nieman Storyboard, and other places.

Peggy Nelson