Poll of imaginary dishes, much wished-for

McIlroy has conducted this poll: if you were allowed only one dish right now, but it could be any dish, what would it be?

Clark: Devonshire dumpling with cream

James: Syrup pudding

McIlroy: Marmalade pudding and Devonshire cream

Rickenson: Blackberry and apple tart with cream

Wild: Apple pudding and cream

Hussey: Porridge, sugar and cream

Green: Apple dumpling

Greenstreet: Christmas pudding

Kerr: Dough and syrup

Macklin: Scrambled eggs on toast

Bakewell: Baked pork and beans

Cheetham: Pork, apple sauce, potatoes, and turnips

Blackboro: Plain bread and butter

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The tobacco finally ran out…


“Little by little, conditions were becoming increasingly primitive. The treasured nut food had been finished, and the powdered milk too. And though these were sorely missed, their lack could hardly be compared with the tragedy when the tobacco finally ran out.”

— Alfred Lansing, Endurance

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Man is an adaptable brute


“My place is much envied by everyone owing to its proximity to the stove. No-one would have this place at first. I saw certain possibilities in it…except for the hairs, which are abominable, I have never regretted it. Marston occupies a hammock most of the night and day which is slung across the entrance. As he is large and the entrance very small, he invariably gets bumped by those passing in and out. His vocabulary at such times is interesting. Thank heavens man is an adaptable brute!”

— Thomas Orde-Lees

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The most motley & unkempt assembly

Crew of the Endurance, Elephant Island, 1916

Crew of the Endurance, Elephant Island, 1916

“The most motley & unkempt assembly that ever was projected on a plate.”
— Frank Hurley

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Our companion and our menace

“In the west, the darkness of night rolled away out of sight, dissolving as the eye rose into deep violet, purple, heliotrope and finally pale blue which melted overhead into the duck-egg green. All these colours were reflected in the inky sea & even more fully on the beautiful glacier that forms at once our companion & our menace, changing chameleon-like through every shade of colour from deep violet to rose, to grass green and to azure blue.”

— Thomas Orde-Lees

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Visitor's Book, The British Club, Punta Arenas, Chile, 1916

Visitor’s Book, The British Club, Punta Arenas, Chile, 1916

Signatures for Shackleton, Worsley, and Crean are in the column on the right.

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Why have they not returned…?

“It sometimes seems that Sir Ernest and his comrades in that wee 22ft boat can never have accomplished the tremendous voyage they embarked upon, and if peradventure they have succeeded, why have they not returned with a ship to rescue us? Maybe no ship is available…

“Wild is a fine fellow to keep one’s spirits up. He is as great an optimist as Sir Ernest himself, and that is saying a good deal, but of course some of his remarks don’t bear much analysis, and he ought not to try and dupe me over the meat supplies, for I have been at it now for two years and it is truly a case of ‘telling it to the marines.'”

— Thomas Orde-Lees

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