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Wonderful, amazing, splendid

“Wonderful, amazing, splendid. “Lat. 65°43′ South—73 miles North drift. The most cheerful good fortune for a year for us: We cannot be much more than 170 miles from Paulet. Everyone greeted the news with cheers. The wind still continues. We … Continue reading

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The going was so bad

“The going was so bad that they could not pull my weight, and I had to get off and flounder along beside the sledges. The dogs too kept falling back, and as soon as one dog collapsed or let his … Continue reading

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Death was instantaneous

“Owing to this shortage of food and the fact that we needed all that we could get for ourselves, I had to order all the dogs except two teams to be shot. It was the worst job that we had … Continue reading

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Diary: 9 Jan 1909

“9 January 1909 The last day out we have shot our bolt and the tale is 88.23 S 162 E. The wind eased down at 1 am. At 2 am we were up and had breakfast and shortly after 4 … Continue reading

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Furthest Point South – audio

Ernest Shackleton speaking into an Edison Phonograph in 1910 about the results of his Nimrod Expedition to the South Pole, 1907-09, and his Furthest Point South. Public domain file, sourced from

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Furthest Point South

9 January 1909: Shackleton’s attempt to reach the South Pole from the Nimrod Expedition. The party reached what he called his “Furthest Point South,” 88º 23 S. 162º E.; 97.5 nautical miles from the South Pole. This was the furthest … Continue reading

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Skua Gull

“A skua gull appeared. He settled down on our refuse pit—entrails of seals, etc—and gorged himself to his hearts content—lucky gull.” — Alexander Macklin [image: Skua Gull by John Gould, 1840]

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Trials of Greely

“…we may have to undergo the trials of Greely.” — Alexander Macklin The Greely Expedition, from the American Experience series on PBS: full documentary. From the PBS website: “In 1881, 25 men led by Adolphus Greely set sail from Newfoundland … Continue reading

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Leopard Seal – National Geographic

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen meets a leopard seal.

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Sea Leopard

“A man on foot in soft, deep snow and unarmed would not have a chance against such an animal as they almost bound along with a rearing, undulating motion at least five miles an hour. They attack without provocation, looking … Continue reading

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