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“I always feel as long as I am doing the work and getting through the fight that all is well.” — letter to Emily Shackleton *** [Upon Shackleton’s return to England and the Great War, reception was markedly… subdued. Even, … Continue reading

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Shackleton’s grave, Grytviken, South Georgia

“In the darkening twilight I saw a lone star hover Gem-like above the bay.” — Ernest Shackleton, last words in diary “I think this is as “the Boss” would have had it himself, standing lonely in an island far from … Continue reading

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A wonderful evening

“At last we came to anchor in Grytviken. How familiar the coast seemed as we passed down: we saw with full interest the places we struggled over after the boat journey… The old familiar smell of dead whale permeates everything. … Continue reading

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All aboard the Quest

The Shackleton-Rowett Expedition, 1921-22.

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The fate of the crew

The Endurance: “McCarthy, the best and most efficient of the sailors, always cheerful under the most trying circumstances, and who for these very reasons I chose to accompany me on the boat journey to South Georgia, was killed at his … Continue reading

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The Ross Sea Party

A close reporting of the fate of the Ross Sea Party has been outside the scope of this narration, as I had no way of receiving news from them until some of our party had reached South Georgia, the telegraph … Continue reading

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“A world beater and a good money spinner”

[South (orig. In the Grip of the Polar Pack Ice), by Frank Hurley, 1919. Watch entire film on BFI website.] “All the plates which were exposed on the wreck nearly twelve months ago turned out excellently. The small Kodak film … Continue reading

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