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A Tale of the Sea

A Tale of the Sea I slept and dreamt of the ocean: Of tarry sailors joys: Of the tales which they loved to fashion Of days when they were boys: And I laughed aloud in my sleep: “In those days … Continue reading

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Impressions (2)

“Shackleton was contented with his own company — at the same time he never stood aloof in any way, but was eager to talk — to argue as sailors do … he had a quiet drawl in his ordinary speech … Continue reading

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Impressions (1)

“Well Shacky, what do you think of this old tub? You’ll be skipper of her one day.” “You see, old man,” he said “as long as I remain with this company, I’ll never be more than a skipper. But I … Continue reading

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Scrubbing the decks

James Wordie, Alfred Cheetam, Alexander Macklin

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“[Worsley] was fundamentally light-hearted, given to bursts of excitement and unpredictable enthusiasms…. He felt it was his duty to play the part of commander, but he was woefully out of place in the role. His tendency to indulge his moods … Continue reading

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Æneas Mackintosh and the Ross Sea Party

“Æneas Lionel Acton Mackintosh was born on 1 July 1879 in Tirhut, India. He was educated at Bedford Modern School and in 1894, joined the Merchant Navy. “Mackintosh was granted leave to join the British Antarctic Expedition, 1907 – 1909 … Continue reading

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