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Stay here

“My idea is to stay here — unless the drift should become large to the East… The advantages of waiting a little longer are that the drift will convey us part of our journey without any exertion on our part, … Continue reading

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A last resort

“The Boss seems keen to try to strike to westward, as we don’t make headway as we are. That will mean travelling light and taking only two boats at the most and leaving a lot of provisions behind. As far … Continue reading

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An anxious time

“an anxious time… but everybody is cheerful….We are getting a good allowance of food, and we have adapted ourselves pretty well to this tent life. I feel just as happy here as I did in hospital with all its comforts… … Continue reading

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Ratcliffe Highway (2)

Ratcliffe Highway performed by The Dubliners

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Ratcliffe Highway (1)

“One would imagine he is in Ratcliffe Highway or some other den by the language that is being used. I have been shipmates with all sorts of men both in sail and steam, but never nothing like some of our … Continue reading

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Scrappy bits

“Tent walls are very thin, thinner than this paper, and they have ears on both sides — inside & outside and many are the scrappy bits one hears which one ‘didn’t ought’ to hear.” — Thomas Orde-Lees

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Monotony foiled

“Monotony in the meals, even considering the circumstances in which we found ourselves, was what I was striving to avoid, so our little stock of luxuries, such as fish paste, tinned herrings, etc., was carefully husbanded and so distributed as … Continue reading

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