She’s going, boys!


The end of the Endurance:

“This evening, as we were lying in our tents we heard the Boss call out, ‘She’s going, boys!'”

“She went down bows first, her stern raised in the air. She then gave one quick dive and the ice closed over her forever.”

“It gave one a sickening sensation to see it, for, mastless and useless as she was, she seemed to be a link with the outer world.”

“No one said much, but we cannot be blamed for feeling it in a sentimental way.”

“When one knows every little nook and corner of one’s ship as we did, and has helped her time and again in the fight that she made so well, the actual parting was not without its pathos, quite apart from one’s own desolation.”

“She put up the bravest fight that ever ship had fought before yielding… Nothing is now visible of her but 20 feet of her stern pointing pitifully up to Heaven. She remains like this a few minutes & then slowly slips down beneath her icy shroud & is seen no more… At 5 p.m. we saw her end.”
— Frank Worsley

“We are not sorry to see the last of the wreck, for it was an object of depression to all who turned their eyes in that direction.”
— Frank Hurley

Unattributed quotes either by Shackleton or quoted by him from the mens’ diaries.

About Ernest Shackleton

Polar Explorer. Leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917.
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