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Message in a bottle

“The Endurance has been crushed and abandoned at 69° 5′ South, 51° 35′ West, and the members of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition are now at 67° 9′ South, 52° 25′ West, and proceeding to the west across the ice in … Continue reading

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Heinz mustard dressing

“Today the members of one tent expressed their indifference as to whether they had their share (one bottle) of Heinz’s mustard dressing, of which I am particularly fond. I asked what they would have in exchange and they replied ‘four … Continue reading

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Monotony foiled

“Monotony in the meals, even considering the circumstances in which we found ourselves, was what I was striving to avoid, so our little stock of luxuries, such as fish paste, tinned herrings, etc., was carefully husbanded and so distributed as … Continue reading

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A human being’s normal diet

“A human being’s normal diet should contain the three main constituents of food, protein, fat and carbo-hydrates in the proportion of 1-1-2 1/2 respectively whatever the actual weights. I.e. the carbohydrates (farinaceous foods and sugar) should be more than double … Continue reading

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Should a visitor arrive at midnight

“[Should a visitor arrive at midnight…] he would notice that… it was still light, the sun never setting at this time of year in this latitude. He would have to pass a line of dogs tethered in teams to wires… … Continue reading

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“I do not rhyme to that dull elf, Who cannot image to himself” — Sir Walter Scott, Marmion “When it came Greenstreet’s turn, he elected to read Sir Walter Scott’s Marmion.” — Alfred Lansing, Endurance “I must confess I find … Continue reading

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“Science from an Easy Chair”

“In order to know very minutely the differences and resemblances between all the kinds or species of one group of living things Darwin studied for eight years the “cirrhipedes,” the name give to the sea-acorns and ships’ barnacles which occur … Continue reading

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