“True Milk”

Ad in the Barrier Miner  newspaper (NSW), 1913

Ad in the Barrier Miner newspaper (NSW), 1913

“…we are living quite well, though we shall not be sorry to get some fresh seal meat. It is quite extraordinary how one’s tastes differ from what they are at home. Nearly everyone eats more fat here — fat in any form, dripping, suet or anything.

“We have some powdered dry milk called True Milk. At first nearly everyone reckoned it rancid and quite a lot of it was, unfortunately, given to the dogs! Recently I began having it in my porridge at breakfast, then my three neighbours tried it and acclaimed its virtues and now on-one will touch anything else. They all declare that it must have been mixed wrongly at first, but as a matter of fact it is mixed in precisely the same way, for I mix it myself. So it is merely a change of taste or a prejudice overcome without knowing it. It may be that it contains some vital necessity that is absent from our other food. Similarly the consumption of all sorts of things such as jam, treacle, potted meats, cocoa etc varies enormously from time to time.”

— Thomas Orde-Lees

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Polar Explorer. Leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917.
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