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Evil Conditions

I had been prepared for evil conditions in the Weddell Sea, but had hoped that in December and January, at any rate, the pack would be loose, even if no open water was to be found. What we were actually … Continue reading

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Ramming, a How-To Guide

When the way was barred by a floe of moderate thickness we would drive the ship at half speed against it, stopping the engines just before the impact. At the first blow the Endurance would cut a V-shaped nick in … Continue reading

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He perambulates alone aloft

“Hurley was a marvel — with cheerful Australian profanity he perambulates alone aloft & everywhere, in the most dangerous & slippery places he can find, content & happy at all times but cursing so if he can a good or … Continue reading

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Hurley in the rigging

Hurley in the rigging, Shackleton on deck.

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When he did tell a man to jump…

“Wild was always calm, cool or collected, in open lanes or in tight corners he was just the same; but when he did tell a man to jump, that man jumped pretty quick. He possessed that rare knack of being … Continue reading

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Worsley specialized in ramming

“Each watch had its characteristics. Worsley specialised in ramming, and I have a sneaking suspicion that he often went out of his way to find a nice piece of floe at which he could drive at full speed and cut … Continue reading

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