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Whaling-vessels to be prepared at once

“While we were washing [Sørlle] gave orders for one of the whaling-vessels to be prepared at once in order that it might leave that night for the other side of the island and pick up the three men there. The … Continue reading

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I have left them outside…

“I learned afterwards that he said to Mr. Sørlle: ‘There are three funny-looking men outside, who say they have come over the island and they know you. I have left them outside.’ A very necessary precaution from his point of … Continue reading

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We had pierced the veneer of outside things

“The rope could not be recovered. We had flung down the adze from the top of the fall and also the logbook and the cooker wrapped in one of our blouses. That was all, except our wet clothes, that we … Continue reading

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Scarcely thinkable

“We paused and shook hands, a form of mutual congratulation that had seemed necessary on four other occasions in the course of the expedition. The first time was when we landed on Elephant Island, the second when we reached South … Continue reading

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Quickly sinking deeper

“Noon found us well up the slope on the other side of the bay working east-south-east, and half an hour later we were on a flat plateau, with one more ridge to cross before we descended into Husvik. I was … Continue reading

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The 7am whistle

“That whistle told us that men were living near, that ships were ready, and that within a few hours we should be on our way back to Elephant Island to the rescue of the men waiting there under the watch … Continue reading

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“Down we went, to be checked presently by the sight of water 2500 ft. below. We could see the little wave-ripples on the black beach, penguins strutting to and fro, and dark objects that looked like seals lolling lazily on … Continue reading

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Retreat, retrace, repeat

“I suppose our desires were giving wings to our fancies, for we pointed out joyfully various landmarks revealed by the now vagrant light of the moon, whose friendly face was cloud-swept. Our high hopes were soon shattered. Crevasses warned us … Continue reading

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The importance of etiquette

“When men are as tired as we were, their nerves are on edge, and it is necessary for each man to take pains not to irritate the others. On this march we treated each other with a good deal more … Continue reading

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Following the light

“By midnight we were again at an elevation of about 4000 ft. Still we were following the light, for as the moon swung round towards the north-east, our path curved in that direction. The friendly moon seemed to pilot our … Continue reading

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