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“At last someone shouted out to Sir Ernest “are you all well…” to which he laughingly replied “Don’t we look all right now that we’ve washed” for evidently our filthy condition had not failed to attract his notice and then … Continue reading

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“Conditions this winter evidently extremely severe. Wooden steam whaler or the Discovery or sea going ice breaker only suitable vessels.” — cable from Shackleton to Ernest Perris “Urge immediate dispatch of ice breaker or Discovery. Breakers operating in White Sea … Continue reading

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Letter to Cicely Shackleton

“I am very anxious about our men for they must have so little to eat now…We are very short of water, and have not been able to wash since we left South America…but that is nothing for I had no … Continue reading

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Postcard from Port Stanley

“My good friend the Governor said I could settle down at Port Stanley and take things quietly for a few weeks. The street of this port is about a mile and a half long. It has the slaughter-house at one … Continue reading

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A year and a half of hell

“I have had a year and a half of hell, and am older of course, but no lives have been lost, though we have been through what no other Polar expedition has done. It was Nature against us all the … Continue reading

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The “fourth man”

“When I look back at those days I have no doubt that Providence guided us, not only across those snow fields, but across the storm-white sea that separated Elephant Island from our landing place on South Georgia. I know that … Continue reading

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These are men!

“We had forgathered aboard Captain Thom’s ship on the Monday night with several whaling captains who were bringing up their sons to their own profession. They were “old stagers” with faces lined and seamed by the storms of half a … Continue reading

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