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The Southern Sky

“When we reached Husvik that Sunday morning we were warmly greeted by the magistrate (Mr. Bernsten), whom I knew of old, and the other members of the little community. Moored in the harbour was one of the largest of the … Continue reading

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The Aurora had broken away

“I heard the first rumour of the Aurora’s misadventures in the Ross Sea from Mr. Sørlle. Our host could tell me very little. He had been informed that the Aurora had broken away from winter quarters in McMurdo Sound and … Continue reading

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A world gone mad

“After breakfast Mr. Sørlle took us round to Husvik in a motor-launch. We were listening avidly to his account of the war and of all that had happened while we were out of the world of men. We were like … Continue reading

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Rough Memory Map

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“…the relief ship entered King Haakon Bay and [Worsley] reached Peggotty Camp in a boat. The three men were delighted beyond measure to know that we had made the crossing in safety and that their wait under the upturned James … Continue reading

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Whaling-vessels to be prepared at once

“While we were washing [Sørlle] gave orders for one of the whaling-vessels to be prepared at once in order that it might leave that night for the other side of the island and pick up the three men there. The … Continue reading

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Worth all that we had been through

“I don’t think I ever appreciated anything as much as that hot bath…it was worth all that we had been through to get it. Before bathing, I saw myself in the mirror…three days before…living under the boat—I had attempted to … Continue reading

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