Heinz mustard dressing


“Today the members of one tent expressed their indifference as to whether they had their share (one bottle) of Heinz’s mustard dressing, of which I am particularly fond. I asked what they would have in exchange and they replied ‘four bannocks’. I closed with them on behalf of my own tent, thinking that I would easily be able to get four out of our eight members to contribute one bannock each towards the purchase of so unique and piquant a dainty, but when it came to the point I found none of my tent-mates willing to forego the solid satisfaction of the bannock in favour of the somewhat ethereal condiment.”

“In the end, rather than go back on my bargain, I am now under an obligation to raise the whole four bannocks myself, which I can do only by forfeiting my whole day’s supply tomorrow. I am not to be pitied however, for I am quite well satisfied with my bargain. I will have a whole 8oz bottle to myself: I shan’t offer anyone a drop, for they all had their opportunity to share it with me.”

— Thomas Orde-Lees

[image: morfauction.com]

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