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The Map

“The distance from the point where she became beset to the place where she now rests mortally hurt in the grip of the floes is 573 miles, but the total drift through all observed positions has been 1186 miles, and … Continue reading

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It is hard to write what I feel

“The end came at last about 5pm. The pressure started again irresistibly. She was doomed: no ship built by human hands could have withstood the strain. I ordered all hands out on the floe. “It is hard to write what … Continue reading

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A good laugh

“Well Old Lady (one of my many nicknames) we’ve got it in the neck all right this time, haven’t we?” “Well no, I don’t think so,” I ventured, “You wouldn’t have had anything to write a book about, if it … Continue reading

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An Emperor’s Lament

[The cries of an Emperor, 2011, by Kris] “A strange occurrence was the sudden appearance of 8 Emperors… at the instant the heavy pressure came upon the ship. They walked a little way towards the ship then halted & after … Continue reading

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The Wearing o’ the Green

The Wearing o’ the Green.

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Not a pleasant job

“This is not a pleasant job. We have to dig a hole down through the coal while the beams and the timbers groan and crack all around us like pistol shots. The darkness is almost complete, and we mess about … Continue reading

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“In appearance, the Endurance was beautiful by any standards. She was a barkentine—three masts, of which the forward one was square-rigged, while the after two carried fore-and-aft sails like a schooner. She was powered by a coal-fired, 350-hp steam engine, … Continue reading

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