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Two pole-tents and three hoop-tents

“We had two pole-tents and three hoop-tents. I took charge of the small pole-tent, No. 1, with Hudson, Hurley, and James as companions; Wild had the small hoop-tent, No. 2, with Wordie, McNeish, and McIlroy. These hoop-tents are very easily … Continue reading

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Crushed beyond all hope

“The end of the Endurance has come. But though we have been compelled to abandon the ship, which is crushed beyond all hope of ever being righted, we are alive and well, and we have stores and equipment for the … Continue reading

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Endurance in her death-throes

Break-up of the Endurance: Frank Hurley’s 1915 footage, plus new animation. Directed by Sarah Galloway for @AMNH “Hurley meanwhile had rigged his kinematograph-camera and was getting pictures of the Endurance in her death-throes. While he was engaged thus, the ice, … Continue reading

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A fuller examination of the wreck

“I then went over to the Endurance again and made a fuller examination of the wreck. Only six of the cabins had not been pierced by floes and blocks of ice. Every one of the starboard cabins had been crushed. … Continue reading

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The tea would be the same for all hands

“The cook got the blubber-stove going, and a little later, when I was sitting round the corner of the stove, I heard one man say, ‘Cook, I like my tea strong.’ Another joined in, ‘Cook, I like mine weak.’ It … Continue reading

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Boots cleaned

“We secured two tins of petrol with some difficulty, and postponed the further examination of the ship until after breakfast. Jumping across cracks with the tins, we soon reached camp, and built a fireplace out of the triangular water-tight tanks … Continue reading

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“Strange to say she did not sink. She remained fixed in the ice, well down but by no means entirely submerged.” — Thomas Orde-Lees

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