I have placed my Loved ones fotos inside my Bible

“Blowing a gale of southerly wind & the floe we were in has all broken up we got the dogs on board at 10-30 & every one got our warm clothes put up in as small a bundle as possible ready to get on to the floe it was noon before we had the boats & everything ready we have had a start out of our monotony if ever any one had one for the ice has all broken up & the worst part of it was it broke right through the middle of the ship one half going one way & one another it almost broke us in two halfs this hung on for about 20 minutes when the piece that was catching our bows split the other way one piece going under our bows which rectified us for a time but we are still in a precarious position it is 8 p.m. & there is no sign of a lull… I have placed my Loved ones fotos inside my Bible we got presented with from Queen Alexandra & put them in my bag.”

— Chippy McNeish

About Ernest Shackleton

Polar Explorer. Leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917.
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