Everything upside down, occasionally men

“See this little washroom of ours. The same as when in Lyttelton, and yet as totally different. The curtains dirty and grubby are swinging jerkily to the movement of the ship. The walls, once white are splashed all over with ink where the unbreakable inkpot has strayed in its hurry to elude a thirsty pen; the mast has on one side of it, distinct traces of oily fingers that have rested there, while the rolling has delayed their owner on his way to his room. There’s an old dripping and soaked oilskin lying on top of an empty, and cold looking stove.” — Arthur Harbord

“On going aft, a huge sea came on deck & left me hanging on to a life line with a seething mass of water up to my waist. It’s goodbye to anyone who lets go… Two men at wheel, one has just been thrown over it. Never seen such seas running and hope may never again but withal a magnificent sight.” — Eric Marshall

“Mawson lay in a sleeping bag at one end of the bridge vomiting when he rolled to starboard, whilst the cook handed up food from the galley beneath him. He did no watches.” — Eric Marshall

About Ernest Shackleton

Polar Explorer. Leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917.
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