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That’s a thing of the past

“Do you know, I had no idea how quickly it was possible for a man on ski to get about. In that respect you’d have been quite useful on the trans-continental march; but that’s a thing of the past.” — … Continue reading

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One Mile

“Although we had gained only one mile in a direct line, the necessary deviations made the distance traveled at least two miles, and the relays brought the distance marched up to six miles. Some of the dog teams had covered … Continue reading

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“It seemed almost hopeless to prevent them smashing under their heavy loads when traveling over rough pressure ice which stretched ahead of us for probably 300 miles.” — Ernest Shackleton, South

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The combination of the heavy boats and the soft surface require the men to pull at an angle almost parallel to the traces.

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Lares and Penates

“Holes had been dug in the snow for the reception of private letters and little personal trifles, the Lares and Penates of the members of the Expedition, and into the privacy of these white graves were consigned much of sentimental … Continue reading

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Hussey’s Zither Banjo

Now in the collection of the Royal Museums of Greenwich: “Wood, skin and metal zither banjo, inlaid with mother of pearl which belonged to Dr L.D.A. Hussey, the meteorologist on ‘Endurance’. The banjo was rescued from the ship before she … Continue reading

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Tangible Mementos

“I rather grudged the two pounds allowance per man, owing to my keen anxiety to keep weights at a minimum, but some personal belongings could fairly be regarded as indispensable. The jounrey might be a long one, and there was … Continue reading

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