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Polar Explorer. Leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917.


“These Chileans are by far the finest seamen in South America. Probably they are the best Latin sailors in the world. One of the officers was a very dashing little Chilean lieutenant, Ramon Aguirre, who came aboard with a guitar, … Continue reading

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The fatuous optimists exhibit their fears

“Food is life and life is too serious a matter to risk needlessly. Strange to say, now that there really is a shortage the imperturbable pessimists are apparently quite unconcerned… It is not unusual that pessimism and equanimity are counterparts. … Continue reading

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Se las arregular

“The Yelcho was manned by volunteers from the Chilean Navy. Her commander was a naval lieutenant called Luis Pardo. He happened to be a Freemason, indeed the Masonic connection had smoothed Shackleton’s path in South America. Shackleton had no objection … Continue reading

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Against laying in a stock of meat

“I think [Wild] considered I was exceeding my prerogative in discussing the matter at all and judging from what he then said I suppose that he considered that if people observed that he was laying in a stock of meat … Continue reading

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“…until lately the ice-cap over the rocks and the floating ice seem to have kept the luscious molluscs to a depth of 6ft or more below water, but now they are creeping up the rocks and we have found a … Continue reading

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Elephant Island Tunes

“My name is Franky Wild-o and my hut’s on Elephant Isle. The wall’s without a single brick and the roof’s without a tile. Yet, nevertheless, you must confess by many and many a mile, It’s the most palatial dwelling place … Continue reading

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She could not survive the pack

“It was, in every sense, a forlorn hope. The Yelcho was a steel lighthouse tender of about 150 tons, originally built as an ocean-going tug. Even properly maintained, she could not survive the pack. As it was, paint had long … Continue reading

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Argument, continued

“This morning we were awakened by a sudden rush of brains to the head of one of the participants in last night’s argument, prompting him to ejaculate in a loud voice, and at an early hour, ‘I tell yer I … Continue reading

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“It seems almost incredible, but is nonetheless a fact, that two of the men got quite talkative after their methylated spirits ‘dope’ last night. After everyone else had got their heads down, these two warriors went on arguing about the … Continue reading

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RSS Discovery, now preserved

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