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Young Ice

“During the morning, went for a stroll to the old lead ahead, which which is now nearly a foot thick. I was much interested in examining the contexture of the recent young ice formed on the lead and on some … Continue reading

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I had to admit that further effort was useless

“Early in the morning of the 14th I ordered a good head of steam on the engines and sent all hands on to the floe with ice-chisels, prickers, saws, and picks. We worked all day and throughout most of the … Continue reading

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Air of Unreality

“Everything wears an air of unreality… Everything on the horizon appears drawn up & distorted…icebergs hang upside down in the sky… The tops of some of the bergs appear to boil up & rise & fall & spread themselves… in … Continue reading

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Killer Whales

Antarctic Type B Killer Whale, photo from NOAA “Had splendid view of two killer whales which broke through the young ice astern of us, poking their alligator-like heads through, and blowing arduously. They seem to be regarding the ship with … Continue reading

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Snow-covered deck

“The deck has now been more or less covered with snow for the last few days. We try to scrape it off but it freezes on so hard that it is impossible to get it all off. The scene looks … Continue reading

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Snaps his snap

Hurley in the rigging, Shackleton on deck, Worsley in the crow’s nest.

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He perambulates alone aloft

“Hurley was a marvel — with cheerful Australian profanity he perambulates alone aloft & everywhere, in the most dangerous & slippery places he can find, content & happy at all times but cursing so if he can a good or … Continue reading

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