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My portrait

Ernest Shackleton, by George Marston

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George Marston’s Paintings

Images from the Nimrod Expedition, 1907-1909.

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George Marston, Expedition Artist

“Then there was George Marston, the expedition’s thirty-two-year-old artist. Marston, a boyish-faced, chubby man, had done outstanding work on Shackleton’s 1907-1909 trek. Unlike most of the others, [but like Shackleton himself] he was a married man with children.” — Alfred … Continue reading

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Janet Stancomb-Wills

Miss Janet Stancomb-Wills, town councillor, philanthropist, suffragette, and major donor to the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

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The money

“As a result, or otherwise, Shackleton extracted from Dudley Docker, of the BSA company in Birmingham, a gift of £10,000 to pay for Endurance. Lord Iveagh, once more, guaranteed a loan, this time for £5,000. Finally, an Australian banker living … Continue reading

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Polar bear

Isbjørn (The Polar Bear) in Fram over Polhavet (Out over the Arctic Ocean), book and illustrations by Fridtjof Nansen

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Reply paid 100 words

“Would greatly value favourable opinion from you on my plans for publication at once in private circular I am sending out, reply paid 100 words.” — Ernest Shackleton to Fridtjof Nansen “The crossing I consider most important, and an Expedition … Continue reading

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