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Everything upside down, occasionally men

“See this little washroom of ours. The same as when in Lyttelton, and yet as totally different. The curtains dirty and grubby are swinging jerkily to the movement of the ship. The walls, once white are splashed all over with … Continue reading

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The Nimrod

I had settled on the Nimrod, a smaller sealer, when the promised funding fell through for the Bjørn.

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“The Antarctic Petrel”

— from Papers Past, a project of the National Library of New Zealand: Marlborough Express, Volume XLI, Issue 286, 4 December 1907, Page 6

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The promise

“I am leaving the McMurdo sound base to you, and will land either at the place known as Barrier Inlet or at King Edward VII Land whichever is the most suitable, if I land at either of these places I … Continue reading

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Heaven knows

“As to Shackleton’s capacity as a leader and his staying powers, I think you and I take the same view. He looks strong enough, but it is clear I think that he is not absolutely sound, and Heaven knows what … Continue reading

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First car in Antarctica

The custom Arrol-Johnston taken on the Nimrod Expedition, 1907-9. Click for larger (readable) image of paper.

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Northwest Passage

The Northwest Passage Amundsen and crew of the Gjøa The Gjøa Expedition, 1903-1906; during which Roald Amundsen successfully negotiated the fabled Northwest Passage in the Arctic. “The choice of vessel was also based on the one principal thesis to which … Continue reading

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