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Ship O

“Whilst the party were in [the hut] at lunch Marston & I were without shelling limpets, when I called Marston’s attention to a curious piece of ice on the horizon, which bore a striking resemblance to a ship. Whilst we … Continue reading

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“As it is now over 126 days since they left & even if they had been waiting for the Aurora to come round they should have been down here by now. I shall give them till about Sept. 10th & … Continue reading

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The fatuous optimists exhibit their fears

“Food is life and life is too serious a matter to risk needlessly. Strange to say, now that there really is a shortage the imperturbable pessimists are apparently quite unconcerned… It is not unusual that pessimism and equanimity are counterparts. … Continue reading

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A limpet

[Object smaller than it appears in the image]

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“Wild has it all nicely cut & dried, & has revealed his plans to the favoured few. He and four other members are to go in the Dudley Docker, and will make their way carefully along under the lee of … Continue reading

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A previous stranding, Antarctica, 1903

“We were forced to feed ourselves mainly by seals and penguins. Already during the first few days of our stay on the island, we were lucky enough to kill [enough] not only for our immediate needs but also for a … Continue reading

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A most amusing character

“A very dashing little Chilean lieutenant, Ramon Aguirre, came aboard with a guitar… and very glad we were to have him. He was a most amusing character, completely indifferent to everything but the pleasure he could extract from the moment, … Continue reading

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