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Retreat, retrace, repeat

“I suppose our desires were giving wings to our fancies, for we pointed out joyfully various landmarks revealed by the now vagrant light of the moon, whose friendly face was cloud-swept. Our high hopes were soon shattered. Crevasses warned us … Continue reading

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“We seemed to shoot into space. For a moment I my hair fairly stood on end. Then quite suddenly I felt a glow, and knew that I was grinning! I was actually enjoying it… I yelled with excitement, and found … Continue reading

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Lit by electric light

“Men lived in houses lit by electric light on the east coast. News of the outside world waited us there, and, above all, the east coast meant for us the means of rescuing the twenty-two men we had left on … Continue reading

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In the event of my not surviving (3)

Letter from Shackleton to McNeish, written in McNeish’s notebook: “May 18, 1916 South Georgia Sir I am about to try to reach Husvik on the East Coast of this island for relief of our party. I am leaving you in … Continue reading

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Supply list

The Primus lamp filled with oil for 6 hot meals The small hoosh pot Two compasses A pair of binoculars Rope: A total length of 50 feet when knotted McNeish’s adze, to be used as an ice axe Worsley’s chronometer … Continue reading

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“After consultation we decided to leave the sleeping-bags behind and make the journey in very light marching order. We would take three days’ provisions for each man in the form of sledging ration and biscuit. The food was to be … Continue reading

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Ridges, peaks, and nunatuks

“Our path towards the whaling station led round the seaward end of the snouted glacier on the east side of the camp and up a snow slope that appeared to lead to a pass in the great Allardyce Range, which … Continue reading

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