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“The conclusion was forced upon me, that a boat journey in search of relief was necessary… the hazards were obvious, but I calculated that at worst this venture would add nothing to the risks of the men left on the … Continue reading

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Add nothing to the risks

“A boat party might make the voyage and be back with relief within a month, provided that the sea was clear of ice and the boat survive the great seas. […] The hazards of a boat journey across 800 miles … Continue reading

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Another planet

“We were, in a world of our own, we had only ourselves to look to, and the world was as completely cut off from us as though we had come from another planet. I have experienced a good many strange … Continue reading

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The promise was not redeemed

“The icy fingers of the gale searched every cranny of our beach and pushed relentlessly through our worn garments and tattered tents. The snow, drifting from the glacier and falling from the skies, swathed us and our gear and set … Continue reading

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Blizzard life

“Skinning them with our already partially frostbitten hands was painful work, for to bare the hand for a very few minutes in such a blizzard means almost certain frost-bite. We sought such shelfter as we could find behind rocks and … Continue reading

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Evil-smelling yellow mud

“The heat of our bodies soon melted the snow and refuse beneath us, and the floor of the tent became an evil-smelling yellow mud. The snow drifting from the cliff above us weighted the sides of the tent, and during … Continue reading

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