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Mirage effects

“On these fine, clear, sunny days wonderful mirage effects could be observed, just as occur over the desert. Huge bergs were apparently resting on nothing, with a distinct gap between their bases and the horizon; others were curiously distorted into … Continue reading

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Seems to resemble crisp bacon

“It is remarkable how our appetites have changed in this respect. Until quite recently almost the thought of [blubber] was nauseating. Now, however, we positively demand it. The thick black oil which is rendered down from it, rather like train … Continue reading

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Never again

“I sent Macklin and Crean back to make a further selection of the gear, but they found that several leads had opened up during the night, and they had to return when within a mile and a half of their … Continue reading

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Not slushy but elusive

“The surface is awful! — not slushy, but elusive. You step out gingerly. All is well for a few paces, then your foot suddenly sinks a couple of feet until it comes to a hard layer. You wade along in … Continue reading

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North of the Circle

“Lat. 65 degrees 43 minutes South — 73 miles North drift. The most cheerful good fortune for a year for us: We cannot be much more than 170 miles from Paulet. Everyone greeted the news with cheers. The wind still … Continue reading

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One last journey

“The going was so bad that they could not pull my weight, and I had to get off and flounder along beside the sledges. The dogs too kept falling back, and as soon as one dog collapsed or let his … Continue reading

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Hussey and Samson

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Leopard Seal – National Geographic

[Don’t try this at home. Or anywhere, really.] Paul Nicklen, National Geographic photographer, meets a leopard seal ready for her close-up.

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Sea Leopard

“A man on foot in soft, deep snow and unarmed would not have a chance against such an animal as they almost bound along with a rearing, undulating motion at least five miles an hour. They attack without provocation, looking … Continue reading

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