Exhaled humor from every pore


“The life and soul of our party, [Hurley] exhaled humour at every pore, possessing a large fund of inoffensive wit and a weakness for practical joking from which no one of us, his seventeen companions, wholly succeeded in escaping.”

– From diary of Archibald McLean, 1 March 1912

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Frank Hurley


“A swaggering character with a shock of dark, curly hair, and an uneasy cast to his face, Hurley was a compulsive roamer. As a boy, he had run away from home. He came to photography by chance.”

— Roland Huntford, Shackleton

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Us Whalemen


“It is because [we] want to get away from up there…us whalemen…not fit up there…and people up there not want queer folk around like…whalemen. And we no can write poetry or paint pictures or get away from silly world which want no part of us, same like artists do. So we come here because we not at home — and we no damn use — anywhere else.”

— via Of Whales and Men, by R.B. Robertson

Image: Nine men standing on beached sperm whale at Leith Harbour, South Georgia, 1913, Royal Scottish Geographical Society

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We have arrived. At the edge of the world.


Grytviken, South Georgia Island.

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Dog Training

This time we’ll train them. And ourselves.

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Dogs on deck

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“Good enough to eat”

Perce Blackborow (age 18) with Mrs. Chippy, ship’s cat, on board the Endurance; photo by Frank Hurley, 1914

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