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One-step on the ice

[29 April 1915: Testing the motor sledge on the ice again. During one of the breakdowns of the motor, Worsley and Shackleton danced a one-step, while one of the crew whistled ‘The Policeman’s Holiday.’] “It was most amusing and not … Continue reading

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His Natural Life

Copy of (For the Term of) His Natural Life, by Marcus Clarke, publ. 1874* “[This] novel is considered one of the first examples of Tasmanian Gothic literature. [Read on] “The original tragic ending was considered unsuitable for readers in … Continue reading

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Dog Training

This time we’ll train them. And ourselves.

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The Lily of Belgium

The Lily of Belgium: The sufferings and renaissance of Belgium, a contemporary allegory, by Wladyslaw Starewicz, 1915: an animated insect short film about the invasion of Belgium by Germany and the start of WWI: Part I: Part II: “A keen … Continue reading

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Could a penguin just go crazy?

Could a penguin just go crazy? from Encounters at the End of the World, Werner Herzog, 2007

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Pincer Movement

We would proceed overland towards the Pole from Vahsel Bay in the Weddell Sea, where the Endurance would remain at anchor. Meanwhile, the Aurora would approach from the Ross Sea, establish Hut Point, and lay supply depots at intervals from … Continue reading

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Roll the Old Chariot

“A drop of Nelson’s blood wouldn’t do us any harm…” — David Coffin, 2010 Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival

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