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Land in sight

“Land was in sight to the east and south about sixteen miles distant on the 22nd. The land-ice seemed to be faced with ice-cliffs at most points, but here and there slopes ran down to sea-level. Large crevassed areas in … Continue reading

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Evil Conditions

“I had been prepared for evil conditions in the Weddell Sea, but had hoped that in December and January, at any rate, the pack would be loose, even if no open water was to be found. What we were actually … Continue reading

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“During the weeks we spent manoeuvring to the south through the tortuous mazes of the pack it was necessary often to split floes by driving the ship against them. This form of attack was effective against ice up to three … Continue reading

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Ice cliffs, Coats Land

[The ice cliffs of Coats’ Land, Antarctica, eastern edge of the Weddell Sea. Named by William S. Bruce, Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1902.] “We were now in the vicinity of the land discovered by Dr. W. S. Bruce, leader of … Continue reading

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Letting the dogs out

“There was some open water north of the floe, but as the day was calm and I did not wish to use coal in a possibly vain search for an opening to the southward, I kept the ship moored to … Continue reading

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New Years 1915

“The ship had a serious encounter with the ice on the morning of December 31. We were stopped first by floes closing around us, and then about noon the Endurance got jammed between two floes heading east-north-east. The pressure heeled the ship … Continue reading

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A glow of crimson and gold

[George Marston, illustration of the Antarctic midnight sun from the Nimrod Expedition, 1907-09] An examination of the horizon disclosed considerable breaks in the vast circle of pack-ice, interspersed with bergs of different sizes. Leads could be traced in various directions, … Continue reading

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