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Polar Explorer. Leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917.


Escallops of Penguin Breasts Ingredients: Penguin Breasts as required Reconstituted onion Some fairly thick batter Flour Salt and pepper to taste Cut the breasts into thin slices and soak in milk for about 2 hours. Dry, season and flour them … Continue reading

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Charles Green, cook

“[Charlie] Green was the expedition cook. He worked in the galley, first aboard ship [then] on the ice, working the longest days of any on the expedition on a regular basis, from early morning till evening, preparing meals for 28 … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Paracelsus Attains (Paracelsus II) by Robert Browning, 1835 Paracelsus. [...] Tell me what thou wouldst be, and what I am. Aprile. I would love infinitely, and be loved. First: I would carve in stone, or cast in brass, … Continue reading

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I know that I was the interloper

“Well I know that I was the interloper: if a man who loves a woman much, so much that it seems his whole life hangs on her way with him, can be called an interloper. Child I suppose it is … Continue reading

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A Tale of the Sea

A Tale of the Sea I slept and dreamt of the ocean: Of tarry sailors joys: Of the tales which they loved to fashion Of days when they were boys: And I laughed aloud in my sleep: “In those days … Continue reading

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Impressions (2)

“Shackleton was contented with his own company — at the same time he never stood aloof in any way, but was eager to talk — to argue as sailors do … he had a quiet drawl in his ordinary speech … Continue reading

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Impressions (1)

“Well Shacky, what do you think of this old tub? You’ll be skipper of her one day.” “You see, old man,” he said “as long as I remain with this company, I’ll never be more than a skipper. But I … Continue reading

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