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About Ernest Shackleton

Polar Explorer. Leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917.

Losing dogs

“We [are] still losing dogs through sickness, due to stomach and intestinal worms. “Wild, Crean, Macklin, McIlroy, Marston, and Hurley each had charge of a team, and were fully responsible for the exercising, training, and feeding of their own dogs. … Continue reading

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Puttin’ on ‘The Ritz’

Belowdecks, converted to winter quarters. “The temperature went down to zero again and it really feels much more comfortable, for a rise up to 20deg means virtually a thaw on board. All the passages etc. begin to drip water and … Continue reading

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Blizzard and Drift

Lat. 76deg 0′ S, Long. 41deg 04′ W. “A real howling blizzard, the worst kind we have had so far. As usual it takes the form of particles of drift snow being whirled along in a suspension by the wind. … Continue reading

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“Tonight we have all been out to witness a fine display of the aurora. This is the first really bright one we have seen and it is indeed a wonderful sight. At first it looks not unlike clouds lit up … Continue reading

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Shackleton’s cabin

“I have been insolating the boss’s cabin as he is going to stay in it during the winter we are drifting away from the land so I don’t think there will be any chance of a landing next spring.” — … Continue reading

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Ice Pillars

“We brought certain stores aboard and provided space on deck for the dogs in case they had to be removed from the floe at short notice. We had run a 500-fathom steel wire round the ship, snow-huts, and kennels, with … Continue reading

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Crean and puppies

“We had fifty-four dogs and eight pups early in April.” — Ernest Shackleton, South

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