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Polar Explorer. Leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917.

Mirages were frequent

“Mirages were frequent. Barrier-cliffs appeared all around us on the 29th, even in places where we knew there was deep water.” “Bergs and pack are thrown up in the sky and distorted into the most fantastic shapes. They climb, trembling, … Continue reading

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“The dredge and several hundred fathoms of wire line made a heavy load, far beyond the unaided strength of the scientists. On the 23rd, for example, we put down a 2 ft. dredge and 650 fathoms of wire. The dredge … Continue reading

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Lantern Lecture

“During the evening I gave an illustrated lantern lecture on Java and across Australia. All hands, afterguard and fo’c’sle, rolled up to a man. It was quite a relief to see some tropical vegetation and flowers, even though they were … Continue reading

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Rampart Berg

“Within a radius of one mile round the berg there is thin young ice, strong enough to march over with care. The area of dangerous pressure, as regards a ship, does not seem to extend for more than a quarter … Continue reading

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Full Polar Equipment

“All hands were issued with full polar equipment, as follows: 1 sweater (thick Jaeger), 1 pair Amundsen pattern Burberry boots, 1 pair Shetland wool mitts, 1 woollen helmet, 2 pair soft wool bed socks, 1 pair mittens, 1 pair finnesko … Continue reading

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Dogloo village, 1915 “All hands engaged in building igloos, or as the sailors term them, dogloos, from ice blocks and snow.” — Frank Hurley “Worsley took a party to the floe on the 26th and started building a line of … Continue reading

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Macklin and friends

Dr. Alexander Macklin and a few friends, 1915.

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