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About Ernest Shackleton

Polar Explorer. Leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917.

Ice Flowers

“Took color camera to lead again this morning amidst the similar gorgeous conditions of yesterday, more glorified perhaps for a fine crop of ice flowers have sprung up on the lead and were illuminated by the morning sun, resembling a … Continue reading

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Fata Morgana

“A wonderful mirage of the Fata Morgana type was visible. The day was clear and bright, with a blue sky overhead and some rime aloft. “The distant pack is thrown up into towering barrier-like cliffs, which are reflected in blue … Continue reading

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Forty tons of coal

“Forty tons of coal is all that we now have left and this alone must impose strict limitations on us. Once we refill the now empty boiler and get up steam we shall have to keep the fires constantly going, … Continue reading

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The Fable of the Mouse

“Shackleton spins us the yarn, no chestnut as far as I’m concerned, of the mouse who finding a leaky barrel of beer, partakes thereof till he’s full, then sits up, twirls his whiskers & says in an aggressive tone, ‘Now … Continue reading

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The ship has not righted herself

“Temperature —5deg. Still blowing hard from S (force 9). Overcast with drift. Until further orders each member takes an hour’s watch on deck and this is kept up continuously, day and night. The tramp of the watchman along the deck … Continue reading

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I have placed my Loved ones fotos inside my Bible

“Blowing a gale of southerly wind & the floe we were in has all broken up we got the dogs on board at 10-30 & every one got our warm clothes put up in as small a bundle as possible … Continue reading

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A previous stranding: Antarctica, 1903

“We were forced to feed ourselves mainly by seals and penguins. Already during the first few days of our stay on the island, we were lucky enough to kill [enough] not only for our immediate needs but also for a … Continue reading

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